Showing posts from May, 2018

Rendering a 3D world with ASCII

This is an interactive 3D world rendered completely in ASCII. In principle you can render orthogonal projections of any voxel scene with this, although I haven't really built it out very much yet. The GitHub link is here.

Parsing arbitrary websites for a universal content filter

This is a Chrome extension that identifies content feeds across the internet and filters them using a single, universal blacklist. The most interesting part is figuring out how to automatically identify feeds on arbitrary websites, since the naive way of doing this mangles many website. Check it out here.

Simulating Evolution with Neural Networks in a 2D environment

This is a fun project that I started in 2013. I equipped little creatures with neural networks in a 2D world and tried to get them to do things like following the player around. Check it out on GitHub here.

Yet another new tab replacement

This chrome extension shows a timeline of your current day on the new tab page. It's designed to add a little more context and direction to the internet browsing experience. Check it out here.

Generating cute wandering companions

I'm generally pretty excited about making content scripts that are compatible with arbitrary webpages. Here's a fun one that interprets a webpage as a physical environment and populates it with autonomous emojis that wander around. It gets a little slow on really vast pages, such as Facebook. You can install the Chrome extension here.

Adding Google Play Music controls to the browser

This is a dead-simple extension I made to control Google Play music from any tab. You can get just the play / pause button, or you can install additional extensions to enable the fast-forward and rewind buttons. Check it out here.